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Sin ravnice pigs live bigOn our farm, pigs live in a completely different way compared to traditional intensive farms. When they're not in the barn, they roam freely in our pasture. They eat natural livestock feed that we produce ourselves. All of this directly affects the quality of the meat.

Black Slavonian Pig

A pig with a centuries-old breeding tradition and quality OINK meat

Raising the Black Slavonian pig for indigenous cured products like OINK Kulen takes 50% longer than raising hybrid meat breed pigs. This difference is noticeable in the meat quality.

Dried meat OINK delicacies

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Tomica Đukićchef

Top-quality products! Always fresh goods with a perfect taste. In our restaurant, we serve premium ribeye steaks made from OINK meat of the Black Slavonian pig.

Find out more about Black Slavonian PigOur products are available at Josić Restaurant & Winery. Read more!