OINK Slavonian sausage

Crna slavonska svinja
OINK Slavonian sausage is produced from meat that does not go into OINK Kulen.
This delicacy, which is enjoyed both cooked and sandwiched, is created over four months. After selection, the meat, which contains about 30% fat, is salted and mixed with red hot and sweet pepper. Spicy extra kick is provided by small amounts of
intense white pepper and garlic.
The spicy mixture is aged for a day, and then we grind it and stuff it into the pig’s small intestines. Filled OINK Slavonian sausage is hung in the smokehouse where it slowly acquires its distinctive aroma on the light smoke of wild cherry, wild pear, cherry and sour cherry wood.

Once the smoked sausage has spent some time in the fresh Slavonian air, it is ready to be tasted.