The farm

On our farm, pigs have completely different lives than on traditional intensive farms.

When they are not in the barn, they roam freely in our pasture. They eat natural feed that we produce ourselves. All this directly affects the quality of the meat.

We cultivate our fields for growing corn, barley, wheat, field peas, pumpkins and clover with our own machinery, and there is always plenty of feed for growing pigs. From late spring to autumn, pigs also eat wild meadow grass, and in winter their diet is enriched with turnip.

In the barn, which is cleaned twice a week, the pigs walk or lie on bedding made of wheat, oat or rye straw. The manure produced by the pigs is taken to our fields and, as a supplement, it stimulates the growth of high-yielding plants that provide excellent feed for our pigs.

The entire process of self-sustainable meat production takes place on the farm, from the reproduction of pigs, through fattening with our own feed, to the processing of meat into fresh and dried meat products.

Our pig barns are unique in this part of Europe, which is confirmed by several awards for innovative architecture.

They are built from Slavonian oak according to the highest ecological breeding standards. Pigs live in this facility, which looks like it fits into the landscape of the Slavonian countryside. It is extremely modern and easy to maintain due to the innovative system of movable partitions.

The most recognizable feature is the diagonally placed wooden slats, between which there are ventilation holes.

Pigs like to burrow and dig, so concrete was chosen for the base of the building, with partitions made of galvanized steel above which there is a wooden structure and cladding of the facade.

The roof is covered with traditional pepper tiles.