OINK Kulen

Crna slavonska svinja

OINK Kulen is not created overnight – it takes up to seven months to mature into a widely known meat delicacy.

The best quality meat from the pork leg, pork chop and a special part of the shoulder is mixed with hard back fat. We do not add a lot of fat to the meat mixture, because the meat of the Black Slavonian Pig is naturally permeated with intramuscular fat, which gives its meat a delicious taste.

We add hot red and sweet pepper to the meat, we add salt, then mix and let the ingredients combine. Then we grind the mixture and fill the pig’s large intestine with it.

The filled OINK Kulen is hung in the smokehouse, where it slowly dries on the light smoke of wild cherry, wild pear, cherry and sour cherry, until it acquires its distinctive aroma.

After smoking, OINK Kulen matures in a dark cellar with an earth floor, walled with ordinary bricks. When it emerges from the darkness of the cellar into the light of day, OINK Kulen is ready to conquer the most demanding gourmets with its spicy taste.